Jobs in demand for 2021

There is no denying that 2020 has drastically impacted jobs all around the world. Many industries have shifted the ways in which they operate and changed their business models. Other industries have entirely collapsed under COVID-19 restrictions imposed across the globe. Sectors such as hospitality, retail and the beauty industry have been affected the most. Health care, aged care and other essential services have also had to adopt changes to deal with COVID-19. Unemployment has dramatically risen during the year, with young people experiencing the largest job loss statistics. This is largely due to many younger workers being employed in casual settings. During the first wave of COVID-19 alone, the lockdown restrictions resulted in 9.9 per cent of individuals aged under twenty years old losing their jobs. Employment for workers in their twenties dropped by 8.8 per cent. Older Australians also faced terrible job losses, with 9.7 per cent of workers over seventy years old becoming unemployed. Others have been fortunate enough to be able to work from home. Employees such as network consultants and web developers, or other office workers have been extremely lucky throughout the pandemic. 

With many individuals unable to work as a result of this global pandemic, the Australian government has implemented measures such as JobKeeper and JobSeeker. These financial relief payments have been a lifeline for many. It has not been all bad news for a few industries, however. Some businesses have thrived throughout these difficult times. Supermarkets saw incredible profits as people were panic buying essential items. Coles reported that their profits grew by 7.1 per cent compared to the previous financial year. Many businesses have had to go online, therefore creating new jobs and demand in the digital space. Online leadership courses and management coaching are becoming increasingly popular as companies operate through this unprecedented time. As the events of 2020 continue to shift the way we work, we can begin to predict where the opportunities for employment in 2021 will exist. Here are some of the jobs expected to be increasingly in demand next year. 

Registered Nurses

Registered nurses have been highly sought after for years. There are frequent issues of understaffing within the healthcare sector. As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic this year, everyone has quickly realised the importance of having a highly trained and equipped healthcare system. Both private and public hospitals and aged care facilities are expected to build up their workforce in the coming years. This includes having increased staff numbers and placing an additional focus on training and development. 


Teachers and other education professionals have also always been in high demand. This relates particularly to areas of learning such as science and mathematics. This year has really demonstrated how valuable and important our children’s teachers are. With schools forced to close in an attempt to stop the spread of Coronavirus, remote learning was the only way forward. In an enormous effort, primary schools, high schools and universities had to shift the way they teach. Online learning techniques and tools had to be mastered so that students could continue to learn. It is expected that teachers will become increasingly valued and hired in the coming years. 

Job seekers

Web Developers and Web Specialists

With whole industries forced to work from home and operate remotely, many companies have been creating new websites or new online features. Businesses such as restaurants, cafes and retail stores have been forced to cease operations all around the world. As a result, web developers and web specialists have been enlisted more than ever to get websites up and running as quickly as possible. This trend is expected to continue into the future, as it is unusual for a business not to have a website in this day and age. There is a constant need for business IT solutions and services at the present time.

SEO Specialist  

Likewise, search engine optimisation is a speciality that is becoming more and more sought after. Search engine optimisation, or SEO, refers to the process of optimising a website to rank better on search engines such as Google. Search engine marketing professionals are able to work from home, which makes it a desirable field to work in due to the current circumstances. 

Other digital marketing services are popular, such as social media agencies, copywriting services for websites, and online branding and strategy services. Online marketing and advertising strategies are appealing for businesses as a way to reach their target markets. With most people self-isolating and social distancing, traditional media is less effective. If people are not leaving their houses, they will not come across a billboard advertising a product or service. Therefore, social media and digital marketing strategies are more effective. It is expected that this demand will continue into 2021, creating new positions for job seekers in the digital marketing and social media marketing space. 

Construction Workers

Construction workers and skilled tradespeople will be in high demand throughout 2021. As cities recommence construction projects, both government and private project building sites will need skilled workers. Although many construction plans have been put on hold this year, government initiatives, such as the Home Builder scheme, are expected to create work for many trades. The Home Builder grant was released to encourage Australians to substantially renovate an existing home or build a new one. This scheme was implemented to kickstart the economy in a period of recession and create more jobs for Australians. Therefore, it is predicted that skilled construction workers will be in high demand throughout 2021. 

So, while businesses and jobs have indisputably taken a major hit this year, next year is looking a lot more optimistic. As industry sectors are allowed to open up with less restrictions, more jobs will be created. Strong leadership and team development must be a focus as businesses navigate through the challenge of working from home. Workforces will eventually make it through the difficulties of lockdowns, restrictions and remote work. We must all work together to help those in need, stay connected and remain positive. 

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