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If you have ever been to an event where there was art on display, you will probably remember three things.

  1. The quality of the art on display
  2. The way that art was displayed
  3. Whether the display was better than the art

It’s an interesting thing to know that there is an art to the way paintings, sculptures and pictures are displayed. It can have a huge effect on whether the art piece is given its best chance to draw the necessary intention.

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Remember that not all art is there to be studied or analysed. At an event, the art should not overpower the purpose of the event such as a product launch, corporate event, staff function, trade expo or EOFY party. 

There are a number of other elements that need to work together if you want to bring the right people together and highlight why your company is worth their time.

Adding value

There are great ways to add value and something special to an event. That can be from quality entertainment to artwork and decorations through to your choice of venue.

As with any event or function, it is all about making the right impression. 

This is where the choice of décor is just as important as the food and music.

One clever way of making a statement is by using quality artwork in a different type of event.

This may mean calling in the services of a fine art supplier who can offer quality artwork as well as lift boxes, dress boxes, plinths for display. They will be able to offer the specialist skills in art storage such as works that require an airtight cabinet and expert handling.

It is certainly a way to make a unique statement about who you are and the values you hold.

The art of entertainment

A key factor that should never be overlooked at an event is the choice of entertainment. 

First and foremost, it needs to be quality entertainment. Your reputation as a company and a brand worth working with can be on the line.

Rather than make a statement of how good you are and how well you can showcase your talents, the wrong type or poor quality entertainment could have you lose credibility.

It is a powerful thing to have the high standards in the way you work reflected in the equally high standard of entertainment you provide for an event. This can be a way to enhance and even elevate the way your business is perceived.

There is an art to choosing the most exciting and fitting entertainment for your event. It’s not always easy to think or know what will work best for the atmosphere you are trying to create.

A music choice for any event

To make a good impression, you need all the elements of your function or event to come together seamlessly. 

The entertainment component is the one thing that can set the mood of the event.

It starts with the fact that music is the most powerful way to break the ice. 

If you’ve ever been to a function where there was no music, you will know that awkward feeling of the guests feeling self-conscious. Without even a basic background of music, it can easily feel like people are eavesdropping on each conversation.

Once the music kicks in, suddenly everyone feels free to open up and begin to mingle. This sets the scene for a better function. 

This is when a talented DJ can make all the difference. The trick is to find the best DJ hire Melbourne has on offer.

Whether you are looking for the ultimate in a DJ, band or musical combo, you can have a quality act with the top entertainment agency in Melbourne.

This is especially important when you have an artistic element to your event.

The art of décor 

Along with your choice of entertainment, whatever you choose for your décor and decorative effects can add to the atmosphere of your function.

Having something that is a focal point of the venue could be anything from an artwork, display or podium.

Using the entire space with different areas cordoned off gives privacy and the ability for guests to have a chill-out zone or a more intimate environment where they can have individual conversations.

A great way to cordon off these areas could be using the best of CNC wire forming. This is a special way to manipulate metal into standard or custom-made shapes. Using the advanced 3D technique, wire can be fabricated with precision machines. The metal undergoes a sequence of special heat treatment, cutting and bending to form unique wire products.

High-quality CNC wire bender and wire forming machines can offer you a range of metal works that could be a real talking-point.

Making your function a winning event

You can make your function a winner if you have all the elements in place.

Having a checklist of what you need and want is the surest way to make your event a winning one.

With the right venue, the best in decorations and layout, the all-important quality entertainment and knowing how to keep things rolling will give you a huge competitive edge.

There are a long list of different functions and events scattered throughout people’s calendars. You want to be one that stands out for all the right reasons. 

Once you have made a hit of your latest function, guests will be more likely to remember you, know what your brand stands for and be eager to sign up as a guest the next time.

Making strong connections and the best impression are always the focus of a corporate or industry event. It doesn’t matter how long someone has been going to a function like the one you will be holding, they can still be impressed if you put all those elements together in the right way.

Knowing how to display your art, engage and entertain everyone at your event is a powerful way to showcase your brand and all that you stand for. 

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