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There’s no need for the Winter blues with these fun things to do 

Winter isn’t about feeling all sad and sorry for yourself. While it will be cold and there’s not as much sunshine, you can really have a great time in Winter right at home.

It’s all about your mindset and having a little bit of imagination. 

While it’s perfectly natural to want to hibernate, there are still plenty of fun activities to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Party ideas to enjoy at home

Almost everyone loves a chance to have a party. The only difference is in Winter that it probably needs to be indoors.

There’s nothing quite like the popularity of Xmas in July and heading over to someone’s place for a gathering of good food and good cheer. Any presents are just a bonus, but the main thing is just the get-together itself and sharing the warmth of great company.

It doesn’t hurt if there are some Xmas treats in the mix and a bowl of mulled wine certainly goes a long way to lifting the spirits if it’s a cold, grey day out there.

Winter is a great time for a fancy dress party too.

There’s no risk of any make-up running because it’s a scorching hot night and you can even test out your Halloween outfit ideas.

If you’re not sure what to wear, then help yourself out by grabbing a pair of quality the latest Halloween contact lenses Australia is going crazy for. There’s everything from zombie, vampire, witch and alien looks you can get, as well as super chilling Solotica contacts and even black contact lenses.

Just be warned that there are some pretty crappy cheap colored contacts out there too, so make sure you get properly made lenses (with a strong water content amount) and they are from a trusted supplier.

It’s great fun to dress up and the perfect way to scare away the Winter blues.

The fun side of Winter

Just because you are indoors more, doesn’t mean getting less fun and entertainment.

There are some great things about being at home and having time for yourself. 

If you’ve always wanted to try a few new recipes or brushing up your baking skills, then this is the perfect time to get things rolling.

Winter is the time for hearty meals and there are some wonderful recipes to work your wonders on. From soups to casseroles, risottos, roasts and special dishes that take a little longer in the oven, here is your chance to try something new and exciting. 

Then there’s the whole baking bonanza that you can get into. Why not attempt a few special biscuit recipes and add to your list of favourite cakes to bake?

If you’ve got family, then it’s a great idea to include the kids in the whole baking episode. They can make their own biscuits and shape them into stars, diamonds, hearts or whatever other cookie cutter styles you have.

It’s the perfect way to spend more time together and the rewards are enjoying the delicious biscuits or cakes that you have made yourselves.

Winter Art

The other thing about Winter is that you can turn your hand to arts and crafts.

Never taken up knitting? Never tried water colour painting or sketching? Always wanted to learn an instrument?

Winter is the ideal time to get something new happening for yourself.

There is a long list of different tutorials to follow to get the ball rolling for your artistic talents. The beauty is that it doesn’t matter if you don’t come up with a masterpiece or the most intricate and precise knitting, it’s all about expanding your mind and giving you a chance to relax and concentrate on something else.

Just because you don’t end up selling your scarves, gloves or jumpers in a store or your artwork doesn’t need to bother any exhibition display services or art storage place, doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile. 

As long as you enjoy the whole process and doing something for yourself and self-expression, then you can have a wonderful Wintertime.

A Spring clean in Winter

There is no real need to wait for Spring to pull out your cleaning skills.

Everyone has some stuff in their home that is just clogging up space. Then there are those items that you know you will never use but for some reason, hang on to anyway.

Why not take a practical approach to being at home and getting more out of it?

Winter is a great time to purge yourself of those clothes, appliances, gifts and knick-knacks that are just sitting in a cupboard somewhere wasting space.

You can work methodically through your house, room by room. Start with the kitchen and say goodbye to that ice-cream maker that you used only once (or never at all), sets of old cutlery or crockery you don’t need, want or like and that old frying pan or saucepan that you should have gotten rid of years ago.

Going through your wardrobe will show you just how many unnecessary things you have in there that you are never going to wear. 

You can make a point that everyone in the household does a clean out and you donate your unwanted clothes to a charity. You’ll feel better doing the right thing and seeing just how much more space you have without the unnecessary clutter. 

Having fun in Winter is easy

Home is where the heart is and you can really indulge yourself by taking time to enjoy your home.

There’s no need to rush around with all those social engagements. You can pick and choose what you want to do and when.

Now’s the time to;

  • Cuddle up with a good book
  • Listen to your favourite music
  • Play games with the family
  • Call a movie night and catch up with a few favourites
  • Have a hot chocolate and go through photo albums
  • Take an afternoon nap or stay in your pyjamas all day

There’s a whole world of fun to be had at home in Winter. It could quickly become your favourite season of the year.

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